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This site is all about using data about Tranmere Rovers, and presenting it in different ways.

The site is strictly non-commercial, it's more about playing around with technology than it is about creating a genuine fansite.


The site started as a lockdown project as basic static site hosted on Amazon S3.

The latest version is built using Next.JS and published using Cloudflare Pages. The backend API functionality is AWS Lambda.

Authentication is provided by Auth0.

The site uses a variety of Generative AI functionality - mostly built using Open AI.

Credits & Data Sources

Results Data is sourced from James P. Curley (2016). engsoccerdata: English Soccer Data 1871-2016 on GitHub

Results from minor cup competitions, and player appearance data have been sourced from Tranmere Rovers programmes

The site logo was made with Smashing Logo

All photos are © Tranmere-Web 2024