Tommy Coyne


Tommy Coyne, born on November 14, 1962, is a former football player from Ireland who had a successful career playing for various clubs, including Clydebank, Dundee United, Dundee, Celtic, Motherwell, and Tranmere Rovers. He was known for his goal-scoring prowess, being the top goalscorer of the Scottish Premier Division three times with Dundee, Celtic, and Motherwell.

Coyne joined Tranmere Rovers in March 1993 but unfortunately, his time at the club was cut short due to personal circumstances. Despite this, his impact and success were noted during his time at Tranmere. Coyne's career spanned over several clubs, showcasing his talent and goal-scoring abilities throughout his time in football.

Debut: Leicester City (1993-03-13)

Born: 1962-11-14,

Season Starts Goals Assists Headers Free Kicks Penalties Yellow Cards Red Cards
1992 9 (3) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 9 (3) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Season In/Out Fee
Celtic £300,000
Motherwell £125,000